Adopt A Child for Back to School

400 children in South San Antonio need YOU to help get them started on the right foot next school year. Many schools in San Antonio are starting classes earlier this year, so Ascension DePaul Services is already preparing for our Back to School program!

Each year we provide 400+ students with a big plastic bin of supplies to go back to school. They are each given all of their school supplies, a complete new outfit to wear back to school (down to the socks, underwear, and shoes!). The value to provide this is approximately $180/child and it gives the child a huge boost of confidence on their first day back to school.


We rely on people in the community to help us with this task by shopping and donating for a child or providing a cash donation to Ascension DePaul Services. We hope you will participate in this program by visiting our web form HERE.

Thank you for supporting the children of our community!