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UPDATED: 03/24/2021


General COVID-19 Vaccine Information (Eligibility/Gen. Info):

COVID-19 Vaccination Hub Providers (Provider List):

COVID-19 Vaccine Availability Map: 


All of our centers are in full operation, following all health & safety recommendations of the CDC and our State & local government.

All of our centers will remain open during normal operating hours to provide essential services to those in most need. However, we have now implemented several safety measures including directing traffic flow to our main entrances/exits only and performing health screenings on every individual visiting our centers. During this time, we ask that any patients/clients with a cough, fever, or difficulty breathing please refrain from visiting our centers directly, and instead call or send a healthy representative in your place if possible. Our goal in implementing these precautions is to limit the spread of COVID-19 to the vulnerable populations we serve. If you have any questions or concerns, please call us at 210-334-2300.

The most vulnerable in our community may not have access to hygiene products, cleaning products, and food or water while COVID-19 remains a threat to our community. Ascension DePaul Services is committed to providing our services to the community in an effort to strengthen individuals & families during this difficult time.

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